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Have you ever heard the expression that first impressions are the most important? The business card holder is a testament to its truth, in that for many professionals the printed accessory serves as both reminder and representative to customers, potential clients and vendors alike. Like the cards themselves, business card holders are available in a multitude of styles, sizes and configurations to match any need, or design. From pristine silver aluminum cases with architectural detailing to complement a bone finish namecard with silian rail printing to commercial-grade plastic wall mount organizers designed to house bulk selections to cheap acrylic counter displays to locking wooden drop boxes intended to hold contest entries or ballots, the purpose of this type of dispenser is to combine visibility and convenience. Our selection of business card holders, more properly called contact information card displays, contains organizers and dispensers in every style, all at wholesale pricing. Easily visible advertisements or merchandising information combined with accessible phone numbers, emails and other contacting methods can make all the difference in the world to a customer looking to mull over a decision before they buy. Alternatively, bulk displays can serve as both a convenience to passersby and a commercial opportunity for companies selling wholesale ad space.

How and where are different style contact information card displays used?

Dispensing information on accessibility methods is an important part of any organization's operations, no matter what the industry. Printed professional namecards with telephone numbers, emails, corporate addresses and department information serve as reminders to customers and can be key sales drivers. Selecting the right business card cases & racks for any operation is a matter of matching form with function. Single card holders, multi-accessory racks and displays that showcase marketing materials as well as take-away information on how to be reached can help companies and individuals alike to succeed. The variety of available card holder designs, configurations and styles is nearly as varied as the designs being displayed. From specialized wall mounts for wholesale ad displays to personal cases that reflect individual as well as corporate style, our huge selection is sure to have what any professional, commercial, institutional or industrial establishment needs to get their message — and contact information — not just in front of, but in the hands of, their customers.

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