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business card holderBusiness Card Holders Market Your Products and Services! Display your company contact information with these inexpensive business card holder product. A simple tool worth its weight in gold, these business card holder help market your business and get your name out there. Business card displays, promotional products are stocked in a dizzying array of sizes, styles, and materials for the choosing. Our online catalog boasts the largest collection of desktop and wall mount accessories under one roof! Include these versatile office displays in your marketing strategy. Using these business card holder products adds promotional value with professionalism.

This Business Card Holder Displays 6 Sets Of Business Cards Simultaneously. Models such as these business card holders, business card holder, countertop business card holders, countertop business card holder are inexpensive tools for organization either for the desktop or on the wall. ^ParentShortDescription^. These business card displays, promotional products are suitable for businesses both large and small. Various business card displays products are well utilized in offices, waiting rooms, libraries, universities, and community centers. Applying these desktop business card holder product as your main focus, you are letting your customers or patrons know you care. Providing the public with easy access to your contact information is one of the most important tenets of business. These office business card holder are ideal for projecting professionalism and are always at the forefront, working hard for you and your business!

The business card holder presents standard size 3 ˝"w x 2"h business cards. The 6 pocket displays can present several cards at once. these business card holder are essential for any marketing task. Our large variety provides low pricing, especially when combined with bulk purchasing. These Business Card Holder Includes 6 Individual Pockets products feature materials such as solid oak, clear acrylic, and injection-molded plastics in a variety of colors. Implement desktop business card holders, business card holder, countertop business card holders, countertop business card holder displays at your establishment to help extend your promotional reach with the public. If you find people helping themselves to your contact information, then these affordable marketing tools have done their job! Think about the bigger picture. Your cards could be passed on to friends and family, and so on, and so on, boosting your reputation as a class act.

BusinessCardHolders2Go stocks everything we sell on the premises. This way, we can display the actual “live” inventory on our website. If it shows a quantity in stock, it ships out the same day (for all orders processed before 1:00 pm EST). We are constantly adding new displays to our product lines. Head to the Main Shopping Page now to view our entire line of card displays. Questions or concerns? Our knowledgeable customer service staff is here to help! Call us at 1-800-572-2194. We appreciate your business and strive to make your shopping experience a happy one!

Business Card Holder Includes 6 Individual Pockets

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  • Business Card Holders Fabricated out of Clear Acrylic
  • 6 Pockets for Horizontal Cards
  • Pocket Placement Permits Full View of Cards
This business card holder displays standard 3 ˝"w x 2"h business cards. The countertop unit, business card holder is the perfect display to present different business cards at the same time. This office accessory, business card holder is very common in medical centers, dealerships, grooming parlors, law firms or insurance companies. A multiple business card holder is often the answer for promoting several people and their services atonce. The side by side placement enables each card to have the same exposure to customers.

Tired of looking through piles of paper for a business card? Add a countertop business card holder to your desk for organization purposes. This business card display, promotional product makes it easy to find the card you are looking for. Place an acrylic business card stand next to your register and and get your promotional business cards right into your customers' hands! This business card display, also known as counter top office supply, is an efficient and economical way to showcase all your business cards to potential clients or customers.

  • Overall Footprint: 12 3/8"w x 6 1/4"h x 4"d.
  • 6 Pockets each measuring: 3 5/8"w x 1"h x 3/4"d

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    Business Card Holder Includes 6 Individual Pockets


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