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Business Card Holders Showcase Your Cards in the Best Possible Light!

April 11, 2014

Business card holders will keep everything in place.

Organize and display namecards in your office workplace or service-oriented establishment! These displays are basic yet practical ways to gain additional advertising for your business and the services that you provide. The business card holders increase the likelihood that a passerby will take one because of the organization. Instead of shuffling for cards in your pocket or wallet proudly highlight them with any one of these quality displays. There are many types of business card holders for men offered, from desktop or counter top to wall mount models, and everything in between. Allow your patrons or customers to help themselves to your contact information. These leather business card holders are designed to fit in the most convenient space within the establishment. The organizational tools are crafted to accommodate the standard size of calling cards. These business card holders help users stay in the minds of potential clients. Name, company, phone number, e-mail address, and other important information are there for customers to read. These business card holders come in different colors and styles to best compliment the atmosphere. Always having your information at your fingertips for a potential client is able to give you and your company a leg up in terms of increasing business. sells these business card holders to large and small companies, as well as individual salesmen. It is a marketing tactic you can apply at your store, office or business. The metal business card holder for women also happen to be a very affordable option! There is certainly a model that will fit the advertising budget.

Why do people use these desktop accessories?
  • Many times an establishment will include this type of advertising tool as a means of organization. Having all of the information in one place is much easier than spreading it over many areas. Employees and customers alike will know exactly where to go to find what they need.
  • The marketing solutions are also capable of projecting a certain appearance to clientele. An elegant looking tabletop, desktop, or wall unit will let customers know what to expect when dealing with the people on the cards.
  • In situations where there are multiple people working in one location customers may be looking for a specific representative who is not available. Having a conveniently placed card display keeps all of the contact information on hand.
wall mounted drop box

In keeping with the wall mount motif from last time, let us focus on wall mounted drop box containers. These are easily used with business cards for those companies that offer free items in a monthly drawing for businesses that deposit their cards in the slot. This seems to be a popular occurrence with restaurants; they will ask their patrons to drop their calling card in the drop box and then once a month or maybe once a quarter they will pull a card and that business wins free lunch for the day. Of course there are other uses for these displays too, like for voting, to leave suggestions or comments, to apply to win a trip, or for charity donations. So the main distinguishing factor that sets these apart from other boxes it that these are wall mounted. The wall mounted aspect will do a couple things for your business. First, the containers will be out of the way so that employees and customers don't have to trip all over them in order for them to be noticed. A quick suggestion to not forget about the ongoing contest it all that is needed to make sure it is seen. Second, it is also harder to walk off with a wall mounted display, something very important if votes or donations are involved. Find out what other types of name card displays are available.

How do calling cards dispense from the displays?
  • Most of the models have completely open tops, so customers can walk by and take the information right out.
  • Some styles require users to open a top lid and pull the calling card out of the unit. These models are great for outdoor use.
  • Wall mount types have push-in designs. Passersby press down on the spring action front and a card slides out the bottom.

We sell thousands of namecard displays to customers across the country every day. The desktop models are the most popular (and most affordable) for the office. Select single pocket holders with simple plastic shapes in bulk or choose models with more modern designs and materials. Desktop models (extruded from aluminum) provide upscale styling while complimenting your interior decor. Does your office or company have a sales team comprised of multiple agents? There are desktop or counter top business card displays available to handle everyone's cards all in one convenient spot. Organization is the key to success. Customers respond better to logical locations and configuration of advertising information. These promotional multiple-pocket holders come in acrylic plastic or solid wood models, designed to look great wherever they are placed.

desk display

Wall mounted business card displays come in many options, from single pockets on up to multi-pocket holders capable of displaying thousands of business cards. Wall mounted selections help clear office desktops and service counter from clutter. The units quickly adhere to walls in positions that are sure to capture the attention of passersby. These units can handle copious amounts of cards in a very organized fashion. Providing promotional value with clean organization, these business card displays are good choices for community centers, grocery stores, libraries, universities, or any other meeting area that displays local business information for the public.

Buy namecard displays to help sell your products or services! This is possible through our multi-purpose styles of promotional card holders. We take a single business card pocket and mount it to a sign frame or brochure holder. The marketing value of this setup extends the reach of your business cards when you offer patrons or customers full-color brochures or printed graphics advertising promotional sales, specials, or new product unveilings. The signage will provide context as to what the calling card is associated. These business card displays provide a one-two marketing punch that attracts the attention of people (who are usually drawn to free handouts or giveaways).

Similar to business card displays and available for purchase, are drop boxes. These marketing devices allow customers to insert comments or suggestions for improvements. The units may also serve as ballot boxes when an important election is under way. These drop boxes can collect calling cards and other materials that will aid in creating sales. Retail shops, restaurants, conventions, schools, and many other establishments set up these units through out the interior. The ballot containers for businesses come in plastic, Plexiglas, or wood for durability. There are two main sizes: large and small. Customers can choose the best dimensions based on the available space and the amount of cards expected. In situations where there is not enough room on the table or counter, businesses may want to wall mount the box. Some models have headers for additional signage. This space is a wonderful area for advertisements or descriptions. Let customers know what the container is intended to collect. These drop boxes are easy to use and will help make operations run smoothly. is your #1 Source for desk top name card displays! Suitable for office professionals, sales associates, and service providers, these affordable promotional products are designed to work hard for you, even when you aren't. These diminutive items are always at the forefront of your office desktop, always ready to supply people with your contact information. The beauty is they may even pass your cards onto their friends, and so on and so on, thereby extending your marketing reach even further. Display business card holder strategically for maximum impact. Customer service representatives are currently standing by to answer all questions regarding the items on sale. Patrons are free to call or e-mail all quarries. Customers are also encouraged to click on the "Live Chat" icon to have a conversation right on screen. This is a real company run by real people and not some internet trader. Three live warehouses are right on the premises to ship out inventory faster than the competition. Remember, we stock all items on-site, ready to ship same day! Buy with confidence!